Yoga provides us the space to pause, breathe deeply, find balance, and reaffirm the connection to ourselves and the world around us.

Regardless of it being your first (or hundredth) time on the mat, every time you arrive is a new opportunity to check your ego at the door and cultivate a greater sense of mental and physical flexibility.

Discover yourself and find your own unique expression of life.

"May the benefits of this practice flow through you and into the community around you."

 Guidance in asana,  meditation and  pranayama  to invigorate the  body  and still the mind
Weekly Schedule

I'm taking a breath...

My regular weekly classes are currently on pause! I've wrapped up my massage training and I'm excited to reignite my regular teaching schedule and offer massage soon. Until then, take care!

Additional Opportunities To Practice (subbing)

@ Glow Yoga and Wellness

(North Beach, SF)  

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@ Symmetry Yoga


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Seasonal Restorative Workshop 

A powerful and therapeutic practice that uses props to support the body combined with guided meditation to encourage stillness of the mind. A combination of gentle yoga poses, guided meditation, aromatherapy, hot stones, and healing hands-on assistance to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation to soothe and cleanse your nervous system, boost your immune system and deepen mind/body awareness. Emerge with a sense of renewal and connection, better prepared to take on the challenges of the season.

Winter Restorative

Sunday, TBD  1-3:30pm

@ Symmetry Yoga in Alameda

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Join me on a local or international yoga adventure! 

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There are currently no retreats scheduled.

Check back for updates!

Check out my "Past Retreats" by clicking the link below.




Stephanie, a long-time competitive athlete, began practicing yoga as a way to increase flexibility and prevent injury. This occasional activity became a life-passion when she discovered the substantial impact yoga had on all aspect of her life, well beyond flexibility. Yoga has since become an indelible addition to her every day, and she hopes to share her passion for yoga and the positive effects it can bring to life and the community. Stephanie's goal as a teacher is to hold a space for students to find liberation; providing guidance in asana (physical poses), meditation and pranayama (breath work) to invigorate the body and quiet the mind. Her teaching incorporates intuitive hands-on assistance and intelligent sequencing, driven by her passion for helping student’s deepen their practice and find space in poses not otherwise attainable. Stephanie is and registered Yoga Alliance Teacher certified by Yoga Tree, 200hr.



Lauren N: Stephanie brings an infectious and positive energy to the studio every week that radiates through her instruction. Regardless of skill level, you’re welcomed and accepted into the community she creates with each class, and her light-hearted approach ensures that no class is taken too seriously. I’m certain her hands-on-assistance, focus on breath and genuine passion for yoga has helped me deepen my own practice and find a greater sense of balance both physically and mentally. She is a kind and genuine person and an absolutely amazing yoga instructor!   

Sarah B: It had been 20 years since I had last attempted a downward dog when I walked into Stephanie’s class. Stephanie’s positive energy, warmth, and encouragement had me immediately hooked. She encourages her students to find their edge, if we comfortable doing so that day, and if not, to listen to what our bodies need in the moment. Stephanie provides valuable hands-on assistance for those students who welcome it, and her micro-adjustments have made all the difference in my practice. Her mini-massage during savasana is magical! Her classes are an integral part of my yoga routine and are not to be missed.

Sue Nee & Kevin C: Stephanie exudes positive energy, creating a fun yet challenging practice in a non-intimidating environment for our regular weekly yoga practice. She manages to strike a balance between challenging us to push ourselves, but being OK with ourselves if it was not in our practice that day. We always leave with a wide grin on our faces. 

Jennifer S: Stephanie was the first yoga teacher that helped me fall in love with this practice. Her classes are a great combination of challenging, comforting, and fun all at the same time! Stephanie is warm and clear in her instructions and her style is such that everyone, at all levels can feel welcome and at home. She has a wonderful sense and connection with the class and seems to always guide us in the necessary direction for what we, as a whole, need that day. She takes the time to get know her students but also respects the solitary aspects of yoga. She is a wonderful teacher and brings such peaceful and positive energy to her classes. I love going to Stephanie's classes!   


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